Our Story

Hum Baby was inspired by our mutual desire to create a lifestyle that was centred around our two daughters, Jordyn and Caia.

Treston and I met in 2005, really early on in high school and somewhere along the way we became very close friends. Fast forward several years later to 2014, life brought us even closer and Tres and I started dating. Jordyn, was born in March of 2015 and her baby sister Caia, was born in July of this year.

Becoming young parents together has taught us not only the unconditional love we have for our kids but also the privilege that comes with parenthood altogether.
Everyday brings new joys and challenges and while we do our best in raising our kids, we often searched for a place where we could go to seek advice, share our experiences and learn from others who are in the same boat.

So, with Treston's unwavering desire to use his marketing skills towards building his own business together with my love for writing and creating content, we came up with Hum Baby. A place to not only share our journey but to also create a community that will work together with us, by sharing your stories and experiences so that we can continuously bring you quality products that will cater to both the necessities of your children and your convenience as a parent.

We would love for you to follow us on our journey as we work hard to help you with yours.

With love,